Carbon Monoxide Detector Information for Landlords

As a landlord you have many responsibilities towards your tenant(s) and their safety is one of the biggest. In the UK the Government's Health and Safety Executive says that the installation by landlords of carbon monoxide detectors is strongly recommended, along with the compulsory yearly safety checks of all gas fittings by registered CORGI installers that landlords have a legal duty to carry out.

It's clear that in the eyes of the law, with both regular gas fitting safety checks and the installation and maintenance of CO alarms, as a landlord you are doing your utmost to keep your tennants safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

In Australia carbon monoxide detectors are soon to become compulsory in every home that has fitted gas appliances, it will be the landlords responsibility to install and maintain the CO alarm.

In The US, more and more states are making the installation of CO detectors compulsory, again it is the responsibility of the landlord to install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors in homes that have gas or fuel burning appliances.

In Canada, HC recommends the installation of a carbon monoxide detector in every home, and like the three countries above, any tennants safety is the landlords responsibility, and you have a duty to protect them against carbon monoxide poisoning.

Now that you know why landlords should install carbon monoxide detectors, why not read more about CO in our other carbon monoxide FAQ's.

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