Where should I place my Carbon Monoxide detector?

It's not just a case of buying a carbon monoxide detector and putting it anywhere in the house, there are places that they shouldn't be put and guidelines of where to put them, some are below:

  • Place a carbon monoxide detector within 15 feet of all sleeping areas or bedrooms.
  • In multi-floor homes it is recommended that a CO detector is installed on each floor.
  • A carbon monoxide detector/alarm must always be placed as per the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • DO NOT place the CO detector close to active ceiling fans, air vents, or exterior doors or windows.
  • Do not place the detector above or beside fuel burning devices or near cooking or bathing areas.

Remember that once you have installed your carbon monoxide detector it is very important that you keep it well maintained.

Now that you know where to place your carbon monoxide detector, why not read more about CO in our other carbon monoxide FAQ's.

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