UK Government Announces Plans For a Review Into CO Regulations

6th November, 2013: by Andrew Madden - Carbon Monoxide Detection.

The UK government has annouced plans to hold a formal review into the rules and regulations concerning carbon monoxide detectors and alarms in rented accomodation.

The review is planned to consider tightening regulations concerning tenant's safety from faulty or poorly installed gas appliances. Introducing the planned review, Communities and Local Government Minister Baroness Stowell of Beeston told the House of Lords; "My department will be undertaking a formal review on the rules and regulations around carbon monoxide alarms and detectors in rented homes. This will consider the technical issues of how best to ensure safety in the home and regulatory mechanisms given the overlapping regimes of building regulations, fire safety and housing standards.

The planned review is a preview to what many predict will lead to regulations based on what is already advised to landlords by the HSE, which is that, although not yet compulsory, carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in all rented homes.

UK Lagging

The planned review is a step forward in what many UK based carbon monoxide awareness campaigners say is slow progress. Andrew Madden of the carbon monoxide safety and awareness website Carbon Monoxide Detection said; "Although this is a step forward, the UK, and more specifically England and Wales, lags behind other countries such as the US and Australia in carbon monoxide safety regulations."

Many US States and Australia already have laws making the installation of carbon monoxide detectors compulsory in rented accomodation and in some cases in new build homes and when gas appliances are replaced or upgraded. Although none of the UK has compulsory carbon monoxide detector installation laws for rented homes, Northern Ireland and Scotland both introduced laws, in 2012 and 2013 respectively, stating that all new build homes must have a CO alarm installed, and that when new or replacement gas appliances are fitted a CO alarm must also be installed.